Trees Can Make You Happier

By Nancy Penrose I love trees and have been helping people add them to their landscapes in the greater Seattle area for 24 years. Indeed, trees play a crucial role in our lives through various means. Their primary function involves producing the oxygen essential for our breathing while absorbing carbon […] Read more »

Preparing Your Trees for Winter

By Nancy Penrose Essential Tips for a Healthy Season Winter can be a challenging time for trees. The cold in the air and on the ground make it difficult for trees to flourish, and trees in poor health may not survive the season at all. With the right preparation, you […] Read more »

9 Great Fall Color Trees

By Nancy Penrose Back in 2020 we published an article listing 10 great trees for fall colors. Now that we’re coming up on the end of summer, we thought we’d list out 9 more great trees to enhance the color of your landscape this fall. 1. Autumn Blaze Maple The […] Read more »

Summer Tree Care Tips

By Nancy Penrose Proper care of your trees during the summer months results in a healthy landscape for your yard. Summer is a great time to follow these five tree care tips. 1. Mulching: Mulching trees is an important action because it cuts down on weeds, stabilizes soil temperatures, and […] Read more »

Plant a Tree for Arbor Day

By Nancy Penrose National Arbor Day is celebrated every year on the last Friday in April; this year on April 28th. It is a civic holiday in Nebraska. Some other states have selected their own dates for Arbor Day. The usual observance of Arbor Day is to plant a tree. […] Read more »

The Spacing Between Trees

By Nancy Penrose Planting new trees is a great way to add beauty and value to your property, but it’s important to consider the proper spacing to ensure their health and growth. The distance between new trees when planting depends on several factors, including the species of tree, the intended […] Read more »